Attorneys in Las Vegas – What You Need to Know!

Over 1.4 million drivers in America were arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs during 2001. Because of different outcries form different organization such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) law enforcement officers have stepped up their enforcement of drunken driving laws. Las Vegas the home of casinos and entertainment has not fallen short either. That is why if you find yourself caught up in this crackdown it is important to find a DUI attorney. This article will help you better explore the legal side of a DUI and the importance of a Vegas DUI attorney. If you are facing a drunk driving charge you could face steep consequences, such as jail or prison time, a heavy fine, and suspension of your driver’s license. That is why if you are facing these types of charges you should not under any matter hesitate to contact a DUI attorney. An experienced DUI lawyer in DUI defense and drink driving laws can explain the spectrum of possible punishments of DUI offenders and explain the different legal possibilities one can take to defend themselves. A Las Vegas DUI attorney should be able to easily advise on what the best course of action to take after being charged to avoid further persecution. attorneys in Las Vegas

For example if you are stopped and an officer conducts a random sobriety field test on you and you admit to driving under the influence your case is very hard to fight because you have already placed yourself as guilty. Another example is that when approached to breath a breathalyzer and you refuse to take it, may result in automatic drivers-license suspension or revocation. Nevertheless a Las Vegas DUI attorney may fight that action by stating that refusing to take a breathalyzer does not automatically make you guilty of the charge. Different states have different limits to considering someone as being a drunk driver. Most states consider that a 0.8 is the limit of their Blood-alcohol concentration (BAC) bloodstream after drinking alcohol. Even though 0.8 may be the official intoxication level many states may act differently when it comes to punishment and charging. A DUI attorney must have knowledge of the specific laws in Las Vegas in order to preserve a criminal defense and strike a fair battle in court.

There are many different ways to defend yourself from a DUI charge in Las Vegas, but for most your first line of defense is having a DUI attorney. Not only will you need a strong DUI defense from your DUI attorney, you will also need to understand and have a general knowledge of being charged with driving under the influence. Nonetheless, it is still important, to avoid these types of situations and when going to drink prepare yourself by driving a couple hours after you drink or by having a designated driver.